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How to get investment from Bussiness Angels?
The Business Angels Moldova Association (BAM) is looking for interesting startups that exist on the local market or are still in the process of implementation and need funding.

BAM is a community of private and individual investors (individuals) who want to invest money, time and experience in various entrepreneurial ideas and promising teams.

No entrepreneur is immune to difficulties in the early stages of business development. Individual investors, as a rule, are ready to provide the necessary funds for the development of a business project in the initial phase, as well as to help run the company. It does not take many steps to seek support from an individual investor.

All you have to do is fill in this form and later you and your team will have the opportunity to present the product to several investors simultaneously.

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Depending on the time the investor is prepared to give you, you need to prepare a presentation that will showcase your product in the best light in a limited amount of time. Investors love brevity and clarity.

It is very important to highlight your strength points, for example:
-You are a professional team;
-Propose special offers;
-You have a well thought out business model;
- Capitalization strategy;
-Market growth potential.
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You can apply for funding from the Business Angels Moldova Association ONLY if you answer YES to each of the following questions:

- Do you have a newly created product or a prototype with a well-defined concept?
- Have you defined the business model?
- Do you have a well-established MVP (minimum viable product) on the market and do you want to get capital for your company?
- Do you want to find people to help you develop your company or product?
- Do you want to expand your network and meet people who share the same idea?

If you're meeting most of the criteria, then complete the application and get the opportunity to fulfill your dream.
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